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Mind Spirit Music

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Clifford Stanton - Producer

Cliff Stanton has been studying the applications of world music, frequencies, sounds and resonance for more than 25 years, and has spent the last ten years exploring the correlations between music, spirit, mind, body, and earth. He is currently dedicated towards the study and composition of Holistic Music.

Cliff is a multi-instrumentalist musician, renowned vocalist, and an audio recording engineer, exploring such areas as Acoustical and Biological Physics, Deep Meditation, Binaural Beats, Cymatics, Sacred Geometry, Fibonacci Sequences, Golden Segments, Chakra Frequencies, Solfeggio Frequencies, 528 Hertz and chromosomal resonation, and the ubiquitous 432 Hertz.

He founded Instrumental Design Recording Studio in Westerville, Ohio and has worked with more than two dozen recording studios across the country, recorded seven albums and is also a performing musician.

Cliff is currently the executive producer for "Mind Spirit Music", whose mission is to guide others through their journey towards compassion, peace, contentment and understanding, and to help focus the gateway of enlightenment, through music